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A. MEP Tendering

A.l Cost estimating

Cost estimating is a well-formulated prediction of the probable construction cost of a specific project. The theory and science of estimating is important, but it takes experience with construction, as well as experience of quantifying and costing work, to complete the training of an estimator, and is exactly who we are. We have the capabil ities to perform both types of electromechanical cost estimations which are:

A.l.l Conceptua l Estimate

Before any graphical representation of a facility has been developed, and based on our staff experiences and our well organized data base,Conceptual estimating can be established for project 's cost.

A.l.2 Detailed Estimate

Upon receiving of the completed MEP construction document, the estimate is prepared by breaking down the items of work in an orderly and logical basis, determining the cost of each item from both experience and the prevailing prices of the material and labors, and then summarizing the totals. The detailed estimate will include:

  • Testing, commissioning, inspection and management fees
  • Assessments, taxes and other legal fees
  • Mobilization and temporary services
  • Social and all risk insurances
  • Operation and maintenance

I.M.S offer

We offer our detailed estimate based on adequate reviewing of the gen eral conditions, special conditions and method of measurement of the tender documents.

A.2 Va lue Engineering

IMS understands Value Engineering as a systematic effort directed at analyzing the functional requirements of a certain project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total cost, consistent with the needed performance , safety, reliability, quality, and maintainability. Based on believing of the above, and on our staff past experience we offer our clients the proper alternatives.

A.3 preliminary planning

It depends completely on the detailed estimation spread sheets resulted from the technical study of the project documents. It will define the basic requirements and periods of the different activities. Some of the results of the preliminary planning will highlight the major equipment required and its technical specifications, the initial time table and consequently the labor histogram which ind icates the labor gradient curve and number of labor at different stage of the project especially at the peak point. One of the very important results of the preliminary planning is the project cash flow which represents an initial perception of the financial plan to be followed during the construction period of the project.